40-0 (Forty Love) - Original Artwork
Andres Bella Art

40-0 (Forty Love) - Original Artwork

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Andres Bella Art - Original Tennis Portrait

40-0 (Forty Love)

Considered by many to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, I created this piece in celebration of Roger Federer's 40th birthday.

The artwork is a polyptych encompassing four separate canvases to create the entire work. The three non-portrait canvases utilize broken racquets to create the number 4, the dash, and the 0. The portrait is created using tennis string layered onto a strung racquet which is mounted with brackets on canvas. Each canvas is spray painted in white and red to represent Switzerland and tennis court lines and.

The artwork dimensions for the three non-portrait canvases are 24in H x 12in W each, the portrait canvas is 36in H x 12in W. The artwork and is signed and dated by the artist.

Artist retains copyright, including reproduction rights to the artwork.