2001: A Wimbledon Odyssey - Original Artwork
Andres Bella Art

2001: A Wimbledon Odyssey - Original Artwork

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Andres Bella Art - Original Tennis Scene Art

2001: A Wimbledon Odyssey

The year and the moment the changing of the guard took place on the grass courts of Wimbledon. I'll never forget this match being a Sampras fan at the time and watching Federer go toe to toe with Pete and pull off the stunning victory. I was inspired to create this piece to capture that moment in time.

The scene/moment is created out of tennis string layered on a wood racquet. The grass backdrop is oil paint on canvas that sits directly behind the face of the racquet. The artwork dimensions are 36in H x 12in W and is signed and dated by the artist.

Artist retains copyright, including reproduction rights to the artwork.